March 15, 2009

Watching Our Animoto Videos in DVD Quality

was our favorite part of the day. I had a task postponed too many
times (according to RememberTheMilk) to upgrade our old Animoto
account we opened in 2007. After making our first few videos, Tara
ended up making a second account and used that over the last year -
this second account upgraded for Animoto "all-access pass". In
addition to the longer videos, all-access allows you to download mp4s.
That is what I really like because we can add the videos to iTunes and
watch on our connected devices. I have been talking to more people
about Animoto lately. When I explain Animoto it's essential to show
them. (it's also most helpful to show people videos of their own
photos or at least experiences they can relate to - the emotional
response is important)

The one thing you can't do in front of the PC or iPhone is lean back
into videos. The biggest screen in the house (in our case a 52" LCD)
is how a family is entertained and share time together.

Tonight we tried refreshing our Animoto videos with high bit-rate
(i.e. DVD quality) downloads - a for fee option in the all-access
pass. We generated a few grams of carbon off the Amazon, Google and
Akamai grids (and poured a few bucks into the economy). Within 30
and we were enjoying these videos in a way we never had
before. I think Saturday Night family Wii event has met it's match if
Apple buys Animoto. Animoto would be the exclusive killer app for the
Apple TV. I wonder how much I would pay for Season Pass to
StevensFive.TV (I still can't believe the Wii I just bought is
standard definition)

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