June 13, 2008

Comcast Center All to Ourselves

Friday the 13th was a logistical challenge. I drove Tara to work in Haverford and then took the back way into the city. I had more than a few things to bring home from work over the weekend because the CIM office move into the Comcast Center. Tara and I thought this may be the best opportunity for the whole family to go into town. Dani took Matthew, Jack and Jillian downtown on the R5 and Tara picked up the same train after in BrynMawr after work. I picked up my pile of stuff and lugged it from 2000 Market to 15th and Race where I had parked and then waited in Suburban Station for everyone. We grabbed dinner at Nodding Head Brewery and walked over the Comcast Center as the Sun was starting to go down.

The massive High Definition LED Display in the Lobby is absolutely stunning at night - the contrast is awesome. Jillian, Jack and Matthew all got their picture taken and received vistor badges. It was like we had the whole skyscraper to ourselves. The views away from the sun to the river were spectacular. They got to see "Ralph's Cafe". Jillian asked "who is Ralph". I explained: "he is the man Jillian, he is simply THE man". We ended up on the wrong elevator and ended up on a floor where we found some major bean bag chairs. The kids said, "who ever works on this floor is really lucky!"
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