June 24, 2008

Sand Castle Design Patterns

Before the heavy thunderstorms rolled through the Cape after lunch, it
was warm and sunny. On a previous day while out on the flats with
Matthew we found two perfect sand dollars - right next to each other.
Today we all set out at low tide and searched out a half mile onto the
flats. No sand dollars to be found. We found clam shells and many
scallop shells.

Jack issued me a design for a sand castle and we set to work. The
trick with sand castles is to start it down far enough on the beach to
develop a pool of water once you start digging. Two advantages with
this. First your castle gains a moat. Second the pool provides a
source for liquid sand that works like mortar.

Our castle lasted a couple of hours before the tide came in - and the
thunderstorms rolled in.

1 comment:

Laura Stevens said...

Gee, Matt, no one would ever guess you were an engineer from your explanation of how to build a sandcastle!
Glad you had a good time, and welcome home. The sandcastle looks fantastic.